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Hi, I'm Josh - Graphic Designer and creative professional.


Born and raised in Southern California, my biggest influences have been skateboarding and punk music.  With that passion, it has led me to become an Art Director at Nitro Circus as well as a Graphic Designer at Primitive Skateboards. From those experiences, I’ve had the privilege to work with a wide range of companies, including Bell Helmets, 47 Brand, Ethika Underwear, New Era Headwear, Fist Gloves, EPK Posters, Zumiez, Tillys & Thrasher. 


I’m the proud founder of THE PANTRY, where cynicism and positivity merge with a fun sense of humor. Something that demonstrates that perfectly is EVERYTHING SKATES From A to Z, a children’s book I co-wrote and illustrated to bring skateboarding to kids in a fun, imaginative way.

When I’m not designing, I can be found in record stores, watching Seinfeld reruns and riding my bike up the beautiful coast.

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